No Longer Updated

I haven't written on this blog in over year, so it should be clear that I no longer post to this blog.  I'll leave it up though, to those few who have enjoyed my stories from EVE.

I no longer play EVE, that era was finished when the way of the Ninja was heavily nerfed by CCP.  I play Dota 2, DayZ, and other games now, so feel free to join me on my other blog or twitch stream if you'd like. Sorry :3


Holy S#@t! It's 2012!

All doomsday prophecies and other shenanigans aside, it has been WAAY too long since I posted on this blog. But here I am! 

Life has been busy and playing EVE recently has been more fun than writing about it so, yeah.  However, in the last 30 days I have only killed two mission runners all by my lonesome, as I got VERY busy with some projects that I had to complete. 

Personal musings over with.  Phew. 

This is just an update to remind the few people who read/have read this blog that "I'M STILL HERE!"  I will be posting more regularly in the future as life has settled into a groove that I can maintain. 

So goodnight (it's currently 11:03 pm), sleep tight!

Hianmar, a.k.a. TheEVEGamer

PS- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


You win some, you lose some.

Ok, so here's an update about the events from Sunday until yesterday.  Be warned, this is a bit of a long post.

One + Three = 470,000,000 ISK
On Sunday I started scanning in Eglenaert as that was where fellow ninja Ullus was.  I scanned some guys down some guys and finally ended up going to a Megathron.  It was nothing special and I don't remember much of the details.  All I know was that he shot me, I pointed him and then he stopped shooting me.  When in doubt, keep doing the mission, amiright? 

Anyway, I swapped smoothly over to the Legion and pew pew'd this guy into space poop, but not before getting a nice fat 120 million ISK donation to provide for a new worm from the day before. 

So Eg was drying up and Ullus and I made the executive decision to move over to neighboring Agrallalier.  Boy do I love this system.  My first scan, the very first, was of a Machariel, Rattlesnake and Apocalypse Navy Issue.  What?  I warp in.  Its a two room mission and I quickly to the jump gate. All three missioners were there but there mission was over.  Slightly sadface.

I steal anyway and look at the three there.  I test the "auto-lock" feature of all three.  The Machariel and the Rattlesnake were both relatively experienced players and had the feature off.  The Apoc didn't but he didn't do anything for a good bit.  Then the Rattlesnake and Machariel started to warp off.  I was rather sad at this point and was about to warp off when I hear "PEW PEW PEW" from the lazors of the Apocalypse Navy. 

Hurray!  Auto-Lock wins again :)

Point, orbit at 20km and start pewing his two T1 Valkyries he was using during a Serpentis mission.  Suddenly I understood why he shot me.  I decided Ullus would be a good asset in his Scimitar and called him in so he could hopefully whore in on this guy because he was seemingly an idiot.  The guy still had me red boxed so I couldn't Orca swap but I decided to warp it in anyway.  As the Orca entered warp, Ullus tells me that we have company.  The Rattlesnake (same corp as the apoc) has decided to come back. 

SCORE!  The Rattlesnake decides to shoot Ullus in his scimitar and the Apoc follows suit.  Ullus points the rattler with his scimi and tries to evade. This is my opportunity.  As Ullus starts to lose shield I swap to my legion and point the Apoc (the rattle was not yet red to me).  As I do so I convo the Apoc and demand 800 mil for both of them.  He shouts at me in German (i got the hint as he said no right away).  I close convo and procede to hammer on the Apoc.

He wasn't melting that quickly.  At this point, the Rattler realizes I'm now in a Legion and decides to shoot me.  Then Ullus swaps to his Hurricane and starts to shoot the rattler.  The Rattlesnake is not going down fast enough, nor is the Apoc.  Since both are pointed and not moving I tell Ullus to shoot the Apoc, we'll negotiate with the Rattlesnake.  Our combined DPS starts to crush the Apoc as the third Mission Runner shows up in a Daredevil.  I was a bit sad as I was hoping for the Machariel. 

Things get a little hairy at this point, though the MR's make a few big mistakes.  First of all, they don't focus fire.  While I AM taking damage from the Apocalypse and the Rattlesnake, the daredevil shoots Ullus first.  Then he points me and I start taking a bit more damage as he orbits me at 2km and hurts me with blasters. This is the opposite of what you want to do: spread aggro.

The second mistake by the MR's, or MR in this case has already been done. Let's take stock of things.  I have a Rattler at approx. 10km sitting still with 5 Hornet II's on me, I have an Apocalypse Navy about to pop right in front of me, and I have a Daredevil hitting me with everything he has at 2km orbiting at a speed of 1500 m/s.  Oh, and Ullus Demos is right on top of the Apocalypse Navy Issue next to me.  He also has aggro on all three, with the Rattler pointed.  I have the Apoc pointed.  See the guy who's next primary? 

The Apocalypse pops in a beautiful ball of fire.  I quickly switch point, web and neut to the daredevil.  Ullus puts HIS web and nuets on the Daredevil.  With no cap and no speed, the Daredevil cannot escape.  We quickly melt him into oblivion.  Then we talk to the Rattlesnake who must, by this time, realize he is doomed.  We managed to extract 500 million ISK in empty promises from the Rattlesnake before he goes boom as well.

All Told, 1.6 Billion ISK Destroyed with a payout of 350 million ISK each for Ullus and I.  Not bad, considering I had only been on for about an hour.

The Trade
The next story I have is from Monday and it is not so happy.  So I warped to a Dominix Navy Issue.  He didn't want to play with me until I stole his mission objective.  This made him mad.  Really quite mad in fact, as he sent his flight of Ogre II's after me. 

I was thinking something along the lines of "LOL! Ogre II's!  Come at me bro!" at this point.  But surprisingly, I couldn't kill them very quickly OR tank them very well.  I managed to put one into low armor before he recalled them and then deployed ECM Vespas.  I got a little nervous and started to kill them and they never managed to get a jam cycle on me.  I was trying desperately to get reps into my fleet at this point and failed to invite the Orca pilot of our new CEO Zav so that he could swap to his scimitar.  Derp. 

After killing his Vespa-EC500's (Item check?) the DNI decided to deploy more Ogre II's.  Oh damn.  I was at 2% shield when Zav was in warp and 40% structure when he arrived.  The Jaguar blew up in a ball of fire before I could get reps on me. 

Now I was pissed.  I had derped and I knew it.  I had seen the general direction the MR had gone and decided to give chase.  I swapped to my Legion and warped to the Dodixie Gate in Agra.  To my surprise (and surprisingly good fortune), he was there.  As I landed, I stared at him for maybe 5 seconds, waiting to see what he would do.  That was when he jumped.  I jumped too and caught him as he was halfway to warp.  He started to burn back to gate but I put the hurt on him.  When he was 10km away from the gate he launched Hammerhead II's and tried to put the hurt on me! This was his final mistake.  He was aggressed now and I decided to just kill him rather than ransom, it was too much of a pain in my ass and I did not want this guy to live.  He died to my glorious retribution in the form of my legion.  Revenge is sweet.

The Failure:
Ok, so the next day was a cross country meet and I couldn't play EVE.  However, the day afterwards (Wednesday) I did get to play.  I managed to track down a really n00by Megathron who decided to shoot me right off the bat.  It would have gone really smoothly except for the fact that when I launched my legion to board it, I left cargo in the bay and my BRAND NEW Jaguar was not able to be scooped.
F*%K!  Depserately click board ship and I finally manage to as it enters low shield (I had rat aggro on top of fail MR aggro).  Eject cargo, desperately click board Legion.  But I failed.  It was the session change timer (in addition to my own stupidity) that screwed me over.  Fortunately, I managed to swap to the Legion just as the Jaguar exploded, so I skipped a second session change.  I then proceeded to a rather lengthy exchange with the Megathron that landed me a net of 40 million ISK after the Jaguar's loss.

He brought some friends in right as he died but they all pussy'd out and left us alone.  That brings us up to date, I will ninja later and hopefully have more stories to tell!

Until later, here are the tears,

Hianmar, a.k.a. TheEVEGamer

PS: I have enclosed a copy here:

  Channel ID:      -25094004
  Channel Name:    Morenis Crendraven
  Listener:        Hianmar
  Session started: 2011.09.22 00:33:46

[ 2011.09.22 00:33:56 ] Hianmar > 80 million is your ransom
[ 2011.09.22 00:34:00 ] Hianmar > want to live?
[ 2011.09.22 00:34:25 ] Morenis Crendraven > let me see if i have 80 mil
[ 2011.09.22 00:34:57 ] Hianmar > 1 minute
[ 2011.09.22 00:35:00 ] Hianmar > till i blow you up
[ 2011.09.22 00:35:24 ] Hianmar > ok
[ 2011.09.22 00:35:28 ] Hianmar > do you have money?
[ 2011.09.22 00:35:37 ] Morenis Crendraven > not that much
[ 2011.09.22 00:35:40 ] Hianmar > how much
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:04 ] Hianmar > i WILL pop you
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:19 ] Hianmar > i can negotiate on the ransom
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:23 ] Morenis Crendraven > yeah, this i know
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:35 ] Hianmar > i already lost my bait ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:36 ] Morenis Crendraven > i have 60m
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:42 ] Hianmar > that will do
[ 2011.09.22 00:36:50 ] Hianmar > covers my lost ship and hten some at anyrate...
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:02 ] Hianmar > awaiting isk transfer
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:35 ] Morenis Crendraven > i ask for immunity in this area
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:35 ] Hianmar > that was a little too little
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:43 ] Morenis Crendraven > to complete this mission
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:44 ] Hianmar > you wont be popped
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:49 ] Hianmar > and allowed to do whatever
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:51 ] Hianmar > i will leave
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:54 ] Morenis Crendraven > thank yu
[ 2011.09.22 00:37:59 ] Morenis Crendraven > you*
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:02 ] Hianmar > as soon as i see 60 mil
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:05 ] Hianmar > you transfered 60k
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:15 ] Morenis Crendraven > i just gave you 60 mil
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:18 ] Hianmar > nope
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:19 ] Morenis Crendraven > oh
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:20 ] Hianmar > 60k
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:23 ] Morenis Crendraven > one sec
[ 2011.09.22 00:38:28 ] Hianmar > its ok
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:06 ] Hianmar > ty
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:12 ] Morenis Crendraven > yep
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:14 ] Hianmar > now, as i said, i lost my bait ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:19 ] Hianmar > that will cost you 30 mil more
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:30 ] Morenis Crendraven > i just gave you all i've got
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:38 ] Hianmar > im sure you have a little more
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:55 ] Hianmar > you gave me 60mil exact
[ 2011.09.22 00:39:57 ] Hianmar > you have to ahve more
[ 2011.09.22 00:40:08 ] Morenis Crendraven > i spent it on this ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:40:13 ] Hianmar > ah well
[ 2011.09.22 00:40:17 ] Hianmar > suddenly betrayal
[ 2011.09.22 00:40:39 ] Morenis Crendraven > no, i'm taking out the rats
[ 2011.09.22 00:40:44 ] Morenis Crendraven > man, i'm telling you, i don't have more
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:24 ] Morenis Crendraven > and i'm not betraying you
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:41 ] Morenis Crendraven > seriously
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:41 ] Hianmar > yes you are
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:43 ] Hianmar > you cost me a ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:45 ] Morenis Crendraven > how?
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:47 ] Hianmar > and now you wont pay for it
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:50 ] Morenis Crendraven > you attacked me!
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:52 ] Hianmar > no
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:54 ] Hianmar > you shot first
[ 2011.09.22 00:41:59 ] Morenis Crendraven > i got a corp trasnfer
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:01 ] Morenis Crendraven > hold
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:04 ] Hianmar > ok
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:08 ] Hianmar > dps off
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:12 ] Hianmar > put some reps on yourself
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:24 ] Morenis Crendraven > they gave 20M
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:27 ] Hianmar > ok
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:28 ] Hianmar > waiting
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:50 ] Morenis Crendraven > wait.. it was 10M
[ 2011.09.22 00:42:54 ] Morenis Crendraven > one sec
[ 2011.09.22 00:43:42 ] Morenis Crendraven > i transferred half of it
[ 2011.09.22 00:43:56 ] Hianmar > ok
[ 2011.09.22 00:43:58 ] Hianmar > waiting on other half
[ 2011.09.22 00:45:00 ] Hianmar > yo bro
[ 2011.09.22 00:45:03 ] Hianmar > wheres my money
[ 2011.09.22 00:45:13 ] Morenis Crendraven > i'm trying to get it
[ 2011.09.22 00:45:31 ] Morenis Crendraven > i'm completely out of money as it is
[ 2011.09.22 00:47:11 ] Morenis Crendraven > please wait, i'm still asking
[ 2011.09.22 00:47:16 ] Morenis Crendraven > they don't believe me
[ 2011.09.22 00:47:39 ] Hianmar > show them this
[ 2011.09.22 00:47:52 ] Hianmar > 00:45:06 Combat Your group of Torrent Rage Assault Missile hits Morenis Crendraven [PI25](Megathron), doing 327.6 damage.
[ 2011.09.22 00:47:56 ] Hianmar > copy and paste
[ 2011.09.22 00:49:34 ] Morenis Crendraven > how much was that ship?
[ 2011.09.22 00:49:42 ] Morenis Crendraven > i thought you were firing on me
[ 2011.09.22 00:49:49 ] Morenis Crendraven > you could have left
[ 2011.09.22 00:49:56 ] Morenis Crendraven > but then, you are a pirate
[ 2011.09.22 00:49:56 ] Hianmar > it cost me 30 mil
[ 2011.09.22 00:50:03 ] Hianmar > and i had the opportunity
[ 2011.09.22 00:50:06 ] Morenis Crendraven > haven't i given you enough?
[ 2011.09.22 00:50:09 ] Hianmar > no
[ 2011.09.22 00:50:13 ] Hianmar > you paid for YOUR ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:50:19 ] Hianmar > now i would like you to pay for MINE
[ 2011.09.22 00:51:26 ] Hianmar > waiting for last installment
[ 2011.09.22 00:51:29 ] Hianmar > you have till you pop
[ 2011.09.22 00:51:38 ] Morenis Crendraven > dude, i don't have it
[ 2011.09.22 00:51:45 ] Hianmar > hang on
[ 2011.09.22 00:51:49 ] Hianmar > my director would like to talk
[ 2011.09.22 00:52:07 ] Tuomas Arturi > greetz
[ 2011.09.22 00:52:07 ] Morenis Crendraven > please hold
[ 2011.09.22 00:52:13 ] Tuomas Arturi > sure
[ 2011.09.22 00:53:03 ] Tuomas Arturi > so
[ 2011.09.22 00:53:22 ] Morenis Crendraven > my corp is pissed i gave you guys all of my money
[ 2011.09.22 00:53:29 ] Morenis Crendraven > i can't explain this to them
[ 2011.09.22 00:53:34 ] Morenis Crendraven > because it's in highsec
[ 2011.09.22 00:53:58 ] Tuomas Arturi > ok
[ 2011.09.22 00:54:06 ] Tuomas Arturi > id be glad to help
[ 2011.09.22 00:54:36 ] Tuomas Arturi > what can i do for u
[ 2011.09.22 00:54:58 ] Morenis Crendraven > i'm not sure, but i've given away all ican
[ 2011.09.22 00:55:09 ] Tuomas Arturi > mmmm,
[ 2011.09.22 00:55:49 ] Tuomas Arturi > well we have another way
[ 2011.09.22 00:55:58 ] Tuomas Arturi > k
[ 2011.09.22 00:56:05 ] Tuomas Arturi > here is the deal
[ 2011.09.22 00:56:17 ] Tuomas Arturi > im a director
[ 2011.09.22 00:56:24 ] Morenis Crendraven > and?
[ 2011.09.22 00:56:34 ] Morenis Crendraven > tell me
[ 2011.09.22 00:56:34 ] Tuomas Arturi > and i broker other arangments
[ 2011.09.22 00:56:37 ] Tuomas Arturi > k
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:00 ] Tuomas Arturi > we will let u keep either your ship or your mods
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:15 ] Tuomas Arturi > your chose
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:23 ] Morenis Crendraven > you want to pod me and leave the ship?
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:30 ] Tuomas Arturi > no
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:37 ] Tuomas Arturi > we don't pod
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:45 ] Tuomas Arturi > it is as simple as
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:53 ] Tuomas Arturi > eject
[ 2011.09.22 00:57:56 ] Tuomas Arturi > and
[ 2011.09.22 00:58:06 ] Tuomas Arturi > we meet u in station
[ 2011.09.22 00:58:20 ] Tuomas Arturi > and trade bac
[ 2011.09.22 00:58:27 ] Tuomas Arturi > nice and clean
[ 2011.09.22 00:58:39 ] Morenis Crendraven > what do you gain out of it? this is rediculous
[ 2011.09.22 00:59:03 ] Tuomas Arturi > we willl keep either your mods or the ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:59:08 ] Tuomas Arturi > your choise
[ 2011.09.22 00:59:23 ] Tuomas Arturi > most choise mods
[ 2011.09.22 00:59:39 ] Tuomas Arturi > u keep the ship
[ 2011.09.22 00:59:45 ] Morenis Crendraven > i'm thinking
[ 2011.09.22 01:00:01 ] Tuomas Arturi > k
[ 2011.09.22 01:00:33 ] Tuomas Arturi > i suggest u hurry
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:00 ] Tuomas Arturi > ok
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:09 ] Tuomas Arturi > what is the chose
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:28 ] Tuomas Arturi > we blow it up and u get nothing
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:32 ] Morenis Crendraven > i know
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:35 ] Morenis Crendraven > i'm thinking
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:41 ] Morenis Crendraven > checking mods/ship price
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:44 ] Tuomas Arturi > or u gett the ship bac in station
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:54 ] Tuomas Arturi > 30 sec
[ 2011.09.22 01:01:57 ] Morenis Crendraven > how can i trust you're going to bring me the ship?
[ 2011.09.22 01:02:03 ] Tuomas Arturi > dude
[ 2011.09.22 01:02:09 ] Tuomas Arturi > im the director
[ 2011.09.22 01:02:35 ] Tuomas Arturi > 20 sec
[ 2011.09.22 01:02:53 ] Tuomas Arturi > 10 sec
[ 2011.09.22 01:02:54 ] Morenis Crendraven > finish me then
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:00 ] Tuomas Arturi > are u sure
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:08 ] Hianmar > last chance
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:19 ] Tuomas Arturi > sad
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:21 ] Morenis Crendraven > you're just going to take my ship anyway
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:27 ] Tuomas Arturi > no
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:31 ] Tuomas Arturi > sorry
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:31 ] Morenis Crendraven > you don't want to blow it up
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:40 ] Tuomas Arturi > not really
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:53 ] Morenis Crendraven > i've already given 80 mil
[ 2011.09.22 01:03:54 ] Tuomas Arturi > we just want some isk
[ 2011.09.22 01:04:10 ] Tuomas Arturi > bad move
[ 2011.09.22 01:08:56 ] Tuomas Arturi > sad u lost your ship
[ 2011.09.22 01:11:30 ] Morenis Crendraven > their are more out there
[ 2011.09.22 01:11:54 ] Morenis Crendraven > well, you guys are richer for it at least
[ 2011.09.22 01:12:07 ] Tuomas Arturi > not really
[ 2011.09.22 01:12:21 ] Morenis Crendraven > 80M, that's not bad
[ 2011.09.22 01:12:26 ] Morenis Crendraven > don't tell me not really
[ 2011.09.22 01:12:32 ] Morenis Crendraven > i gave you everything i had
[ 2011.09.22 01:13:46 ] Tuomas Arturi > we never know
[ 2011.09.22 01:14:40 ] Tuomas Arturi > fly safe
[ 2011.09.22 01:14:49 ] Morenis Crendraven > would i lose a ship otherwise?
[ 2011.09.22 01:15:07 ] Tuomas Arturi > no
[ 2011.09.22 01:15:33 ] Tuomas Arturi > again we don't work that way
[ 2011.09.22 01:15:42 ] Morenis Crendraven > what way do you work then?
[ 2011.09.22 01:15:55 ] Tuomas Arturi > we fly by our code
[ 2011.09.22 01:16:02 ] Morenis Crendraven > don't tell me you're honorable
[ 2011.09.22 01:16:08 ] Tuomas Arturi > i did
[ 2011.09.22 01:16:22 ] Morenis Crendraven > demand an endless ransom?
[ 2011.09.22 01:16:33 ] Morenis Crendraven > honor is taking what you asked for and leaving it be
[ 2011.09.22 01:16:34 ] Tuomas Arturi > ??
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:02 ] Tuomas Arturi > k, ill ask for the log
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:04 ] Morenis Crendraven > hianmar asked for 80 and i told him i only had 60. he took the 80 and then asked for 30 more
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:07 ] Morenis Crendraven > that's not honor
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:13 ] Morenis Crendraven > and a very poor code
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:14 ] Tuomas Arturi > mmmmm
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:24 ] Hianmar > actually, i asked for 60
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:29 ] Hianmar > then you blew up my jag
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:29 ] Tuomas Arturi > ill address with him
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:32 ] Hianmar > and i asked for 90
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:39 ] Hianmar > but orginally i asked for 80 and you didnt have it
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:44 ] Morenis Crendraven > no, you asked for that after i blew up your jag
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:50 ] Tuomas Arturi > k
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:51 ] Morenis Crendraven > i asked the price of the ship
[ 2011.09.22 01:17:59 ] Tuomas Arturi > nextime ask for me
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:02 ] Hianmar > the real question is
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:07 ] Morenis Crendraven > ieither way, it doesn't matter
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:07 ] Hianmar > why you so mad?
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:09 ] Morenis Crendraven > you got me
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:17 ] Hianmar > i told you i was betraying you
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:17 ] Morenis Crendraven > i'm not mad
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:18 ] Tuomas Arturi > im out
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:22 ] Hianmar > and you still paid
[ 2011.09.22 01:18:31 ] Hianmar > that is a good reASON
[ 2011.09.22 01:19:04 ] Morenis Crendraven > i thought you thought i was betraying you
[ 2011.09.22 01:19:13 ] Hianmar > lol
[ 2011.09.22 01:19:15 ] Hianmar > i know
[ 2011.09.22 01:19:16 ] Hianmar > i rofled
[ 2011.09.22 01:19:18 ] Morenis Crendraven > lol
[ 2011.09.22 01:19:28 ] Hianmar > laters o7


I win at EVE

First, I must make a comment on the recent updates that have been deployed on TQ.  It should be noted that CCP has decided that our "Hot-Swapping" with Orcas is an exploit and has fixed it.  You can no longer swap ships while under fire from any entity in game (Player, Rat, Drone, etc.).  CCP has also decided that ship icons will only show up when a scanning hit is at 25% or higher. 

This has not phased us.  As if to say "Fuck You CCP!" TEARS alliance has destroyed or captured well over 20 Billion ISK worth of BPO's, Mission Runner ships and AFK idiots.  We win at EVE.

Now as to why I win at EVE.  I have been sort of away from EVE for the last 20 days or so.  I log into check my accounts, but as far as playing I haven't done much of anything.  Why? I got a new PC (It came!) and it came with some new games.  I've been trying them out.  So yesterday when I started to Ninja I surprised myself at getting 5 or 6 kills in the space of about 24 hours.  This includes a Rattlesnake, a Iteron Mark V, Myrmidon, Vexor and an Abbadon. 

The rattlesnake was my first big kill and it was solo (woot!).  The Vexor was some douche-bag who hunts ninjas and decided to loot my can.  The Iteron was an idiot who looted from a can of ours in the belt.  The Myrmidon was my first kill of the month as he shot me mid-mission.  I also managed to social engineer a Brutix to shoot me but he ejected.  I'll get to the Abbadon in a minute.

I was sad after the Rattlesnake kill.  I warped to a double MR mission with a Domi Navy and a Maelstrom in my Worm.  They were in world's collide and when I looted their mission objective the DNI boxed me.  I got excited and pretended to mind my own business as his Mael friend went and looked in the can.  But that's when I screwed up.  I slowed down and lost transversal with the Domi and also at the same time picked up full room aggro as I orbited a wreck I was salvaging.  Derp.  I had 25% shield when the Domi turned his 5 guard II's on me.  Let's just say I barely got my transversal up as I hit 50% structure.  There were a lot of alarms going off.  I pointed the Domi Navy and tried to recover shield.  The Garde II's started to fail to hit me and my shields recovered. 

I had hope then.  My shields were now at 20% and I was taking little damage.

Unfortunately, this Domi Navy was smart.  He pulled his Garde II's and popped Hobgoblins.  Sadface, I melted in about a minute as I tried to align out but failed to warp in time.  The worm died admirably.

So I was pissed and rage went AFK. It was a while till I came back.

I was still pissed until I went to the Abbadon that would be my last kill of the night.  Here is a story of epicness.

I got a scan for an Abbadon last night and went and bugged the guy for a bit. He was two months old and had T1 Valkyries out during a Sansha mission, I was hopeful that he would shoot. But alas, all this noobiness seemed in vain. He didn't even shoot me for helping him to collect bounties as he could not kill the rats.

Then I flipped his mission objective, a group of 50 prisoners, from his can into mine. He kept burning at it, slowly, until he was right on top of it and then the can disappeared. He goes red, I point, orbit at 20km and mention the fact in fleet chat (I was on the phone as this happened) and then a minute or so later shout in mumble.

The five of us who were there (Me, Waags, Ullus, Vipah and Zav) were dicking around and generally trying to get as much lol out of this guy as we could. We swapped to frigates and ransomed him for a total of 120 million ISK, which was cool for a n00by Abbadon. When he refused point blank to pay more, we popped him.

That's when Zav kinda freaked out, scooped loot and said something about “warping to station right away with a ton of shinies” and “you're not going to believe this”. I don't think any of us believed it at first. But there it was, 3.8 billion ISK destroyed to top the kill boards for the night.

I win at EVE.

Hianmar, a.k.a. TheEVEGamer


Line 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down!

Yesterday was a great day to be a ninja!

I logged on in Tintoh yesterday with little expectations for my chances of getting shot.  I started scanning and got a few battleship hits, so I scanned down the one that was already pretty much done for and and it was a Raven.

So I swapped to the Worm and went to visit the Raven in his Sansha mission, a single room mission with lots of rats.  He was not pleased to see me and since he only had aggro from 1/4 of the rats he engaged.  What ensued was the most intense Ninja v. Bear pvp I've ever had the pleasure to take part in!  He had about 3 flights of 5 tech II drones and my worm had picked up aggro from the remaining 3/4 of the rats.  That said, I still managed pop most of the first flight of drones until he recalled them.  Then he stopped shooting me, which was suspicious.  I was sure he was locking up my drones!

Sure enough,  a few moments later he popped drones again and one of my Warrior II's went into structure.  Oh No!  I did the same trick to him, except my locking time was 2 seconds rather than a minute.  He and I did this for a while but then I noticed his tank was breaking to the rats.  So I decided to help them!  Web, Rockets and 5 Warrior II's was apparently the DPS needed to break him.  He died in a brilliant ball of fire!  Silly Carebear =D

Well, he apparently hadn't had enough of a beating (I think he was more mad that he died to a frigate) and decided to come back!  I had to warp out after trying to loot the wreck cause I now had full aggro from all the rats and when I stopped moving, I went into armor!  Oh NO!  I swapped to the jaguar and returned to the mission.  I warped the Orca to the gate of his mission at the same time for whatever my reasons were.  Oh yeah, I had warped it in so as to swap to the Legion to kill the Raven, but I didn't want to bring in the Orca yet.  So the Orca's sitting on the warp gate, I'm in a jaguar in the mission looting his Raven wreck when all of a sudden he's back, in a Drake! 

My ninja senses were tingling that this guy was probably web fit to catch me and since there was no need to burn right at him yet I simply orbitted at 22km and pointed him while I warped in the Orca.  I knew there was going to be trouble so I asked for reps in a ninja chat channel where I knew there was at least one active ninja in system with me.  He kindly warped in to rep my jaguar as I burned towards the drake to swap.  When the Orca was 8km out, I swapped to the legion (the drake had stopped moving, but he was originally going faster than my Orca at approx. 385 m/s) and pointed him.  I started to orbit the Orca who was set on approach to the drake.  This was fine for me as I had the drake webbed as well.  The drake melted and refused a ransom for a second time.  So I finished him off and stole more loot!  Hurray!  (Note how I was right about webs... he really wanted me dead!) Two kills in about 20 minutes!

About a minute into scanning for new guys to kill there came a shout in the same ninja chat from the same guy who had repped me that he needed reps!  Well shit, he helped me I might as well help him!  He had been about to warp to the guys mission when a corpmate had pinned him down on bottom station and then 4 more corpies had warped in.  So I warped the Orca and my Basilisk in so as to get red and sure enough, a Tengu boxes me and a Raven goes red right off.  I wait till I'm in low shield to see if the Tengu engages but decided to swap before the Basilisk goes boom.  I swap to the Legion and start raping the Raven,  who promptly decides to engage back.  The tengu also engages.  I start hitting him hard, but he is strangely heavily shield buffered and manages to deagress and dock at low shield. I then swap to the jaguar and burn after the tengu but he manages to warp just outside of warp disruptor range.  Damn.  Ah well, at least I got shot!

So I returned to my safe spot, jumped in my cheetah and started to scan for more battleships.  That's when I scanned down this russian bloke in a dominix!  I thought what the hell, it's been a good day, lets make it better!  In the jaguar again and I warped off to bug the damn ruskies!  Well, the Dominix was in the second room of his Angel Extravaganza and I stole the one wreck that was there.  He was not happy!  I tested his auto-lock (which works =P) and he shot the wreck right as I started looting it.  He then boxed me and sent drones after me!  WOOT!  Point, orbit at 22km and shoot drones!  He recalled his drones quickly though and then popped Warden I's.


I thought he was going to keep on doing the mission but he apparently decided that I couldn't kill the drones from 22km away.  Derp.  He derped even more when he decided not to align.  He finally started to get smart again and deployed his Hobgoblin II's again, though he still didn't get some movement going.  As the Orca entered warp on the second gate, I burned right at him and swapped before he realized what was happening.

Then the tricky part came.  How do you ransom a guy who doesn't speak English while: trying to keep him alive (my neut killed any chance he had at tanking the rats), Watching your own cap, using google translate to check what he is saying and what I am saying, oh and checking your wallet/log to see that he pays or doesn't self destruct.

It's hard, but he finally payed me 18 million ISK and then I popped him.  I got a nice little surprise from the drop, I did not expect the faction armor repper!

That was my afternoon yesterday.  Oh and I popped a Sansha mothership (Event in New Caldari on Jita Gate which we were trying to fuck with) and got on a -10 guy's typhoon loss mail.  Altogether a good day to be a ninja!

Fly dangerously,



The Gaming Rig of Doom

I ordered a new gaming PC this past week and as it has been assembled and will probably ship out on Monday, I thought I'd share the specifications with my readers (if any).   Anyone who is interested should note that I've spent the last 6 months researching the parts and specifications and future release of parts that I might eventually desire.  It finally culminated to this:

1 x Case (NZXT Guardian 921 RB Gaming Case - Black w/ Blue Light))
1 x Processor ([= Six Core =] AMD Phenom™ II X6 1100T Black Edition Six-Core CPU))
1 x Processor Cooling (CoolIT ECO II 120mm Liquid CPU Cooling System - Standard 120mm Fan))
1 x Memory (8 GB [4 GB X2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module - Corsair Vengeance))
1 x Video Card (AMD Radeon HD 6970 - 2GB - Single Card))
1 x Motherboard ([3-Way SLI] Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 -- AMD 990FX w/ 5x PCI-E 2.0 x16))
1 x Power Supply (800 Watt -- Standard))
1 x Primary Hard Drive (1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s - Single Drive))
1 x Data Hard Drive (1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s - Single Drive))
1 x Optical Drive (24X Sony Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive - Black))
1 x 2nd Optical Drive (None but will install my own))
1 x Flash Media Reader / Writer (12-In-1 Internal Flash Media Card Reader/Writer - Black))

1 x Operating System (Microsoft Windows 7 Professional + Office Starter 2010 (Includes basic versions of Word and Excel) - 64-bit))
1 x Keyboard (Thermaltake eSPORTS CHALLENGER PRO Gaming Keyboard)) FREE AFTER MIR
1 x Mouse (Thermaltake eSPORTS BLACK Professional Gaming Mouse)) FREE AFTER MIR
1 x Headset (Thermaltake SHOCK Spin Gaming Headset - w/ Ergonomic Shaped Velvet Ear Cushions, Neodymium Magnet Speakers, In-Line Volume Controller & Independent Microphone Box)) FREE AFTER MIR

1 x Warranty (Standard Warranty Service - Standard 3-Year Limited Warranty + Lifetime Technical Support))
1 x Rush Service (Rush Service Fee (not shipping fee) - No Rush Service, Estimate Ship Out in 5~10 Business Days))
1 x Advanced Build Options (Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower - Achieve exceptional airflow in your chassis))
1 x Advanced Build Options (Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower - Basic Pro Wiring))

1 x Free Stuff ([Free Game Download] - Darksiders - Free with Purchase of AMD Phenom II X6 CPU))
1 x Free Stuff ([Free Game Download] - Total War: Shogun 2 - Free with Purchase of AMD Phenom II Processor + Radeon HD 6000 or Higher Video Card))
1 x Free Stuff ([Free Game Download] - Deus Ex - Free with Purchase of AMD Phenom II X6 Processor / Radeon HD 6850 or Higher Video Card))
1 x Free Stuff ([Free Game Download] - Just Cause 2 - Free with Purchase of NVIDIA Video Card))

All from www.ibuypower.com, I really hope this thing works! Cause if it doesn't Imma be real sad ;(

Fly dangerously,


PS:  That picture is the standard product image... I don't play W.o.W. and I didn't get a new monitor!

PPS:  There is a big ass hurricane heading up the eastern seaboard right now and my sympathies to those who are receiving the blunt of mother natures rage!  My Uncle's getting hit right now and we're due to be hit dead on by the storm around Sunday so... who knows?  Drive safely, fly internet spaceships deadly!

Finders Keepers

I almost forgot to post about this!

Yesterday there was a shout out in alliance chat by now Ex-Ninja CEO Aiden Mourne wondering what he should do with an abandoned Mackinaw (he had been killing it when the owner ejected) that he could not scoop with his Orca.  He could not fly it out himself and was wondering if anyone was nearby.

I was bored and nobody had shot me yet so I decided to help out an epically awesome ninja (IM A FAN OF AIDEN).  He was 13 jumps away however. 

Shuttle time anyone?

Half-an-hour later I arrived in the system he was in, next to Magicko (I don't remember the system name, it started with a T but who cares), warped to him and hopped in the Mackinaw.  For extra lolz, I started to mine! 
Hide you macks, hide you ice, hide yo' self cause he's mining everything!
Then I convo'd him and showed the guy this screenshot.  He must not have been amused cause he just said "enjoy..." and left convo.  So mad?

I docked up while Aiden swapped to a Cloaky-Loki to wait it out and see if the miner came back.  I traded the Mack over to aiden's alt and was about to start back towards Gallente space when I saw the miner warping to the icebelt in Harbinger! 

Lol!  Shout to Aiden in alliance that the guy was warping to the icebelt and I warp in to watch.  Sadly, Aiden was in a AB fit Loki which was not fast enough to catch a Harbinger going 950 m/s second, even overheated.  The guy warped out at 50% structure.

Thats all for now!

Fly dangerously,

Hianmar, a.k.a. TheEVEGamer

PS:  I saw this right before I went to help Aiden.  Thought anyone who likes watching others derp would enjoy it.

Behold! The unbeatable MINERTHRON!